About Unbundled

Brands always get all the buzz.

Unbundled celebrates the technology heroes behind the scenes that enable modern brands to provide the best ecommerce experience.

Unbundled allows ecommerce product managers to discover the best new technology, and encourages commerce technology founders to showcase the competitive advantages that their product solves for. 

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Common questions

1. What is Unbundled?
The mission of Unbundled is to simplify the challenging tech stack selection experience by showcasing new commerce technology that offers a competitive advantage for modern brands.
2. Who is behind Unbundled?
This initiative was incubated and created by the team at Interlace Ventures. Interlace Ventures invests in technology companies that are transforming commerce for better consumption. Learn more about its debut fund and current portfolio companies.
3. How is the label 'Rising Star' defined?
Rising Star is defined by any company that has raised up to $20 Million in venture capital dollars. In other words, a Rising Star is a company that has shown tremendous growth and received validation both from merchants and the financing market. 
4. What categories do you use to define commerce technology?
The categories we use are: Analytics, Automation, Cyber Security / Regulation, Discovery, Infrastructure, Logistics, Loyalty, Marketing, New Distribution, Payments, Store of the Future, Supply Chain, Sustainability, and Web3. 
These categories are most commonly used within the industry, and we are constantly expanding our perception of the industry as new technology evolves.
5. Where does the data come from?
All the data we share is publicly available; nevertheless company selection is based on Interlace Ventures' proprietary dataset, called Third Brain
Third Brain was custom built for Interlace, allowing us to source, categorize, track, and invest in commerce technology companies.
Third Brain pulls company data and funding information from public sources, and we layer Interlace’s intelligence on top. 
6. Why are ‘Female founded’ and ‘Black/Latinx founded’ companies highlighted on Unbundled?
As a minority-led venture firm, we believe in highlighting those that have fought extra battles to achieve success. Representation and diversity are a core tenant of our portfolio construction.
If you’d like to update any of the diversity data found on Unbundled, please send us a note at morelove@getunbundled.com.
7. My company is featured, and I’d like to verify/correct the profile information. Who do I contact?
Not a problem, please send morelove@getunbundled.com a note from your business email to verify your company or correct any profile information. 
8. I’d like to have my company featured. Who do I contact? 
We’re so flattered! Please send a note morelove@getunbundled.com from your business email to submit your company’s profile.